Age 5 Years in dog years. In human years it will be 36 years old
Highet 35@
Birthday December 1
Hair Color Red on the top of hiis head. His body is yellow with brown spots
Eye Color Dark Blue

Sundae is the main mascot (Ronald McDonald’s) pet dog. He appears only on (The Wacky Adventures Of Ronald McDonald)and only 6 episodes. (ScaredSilly), (The Legend Of Grimace Island), (VisitorsFrom Outer Space), (Birthday World), (Have Time Will Travel and last but not lest (The Legend of McDonald land Loch).


He is a full yellow dog but not his red hair at the top. He looks like he haves chocolate spots on his back that reminds of a sundae ice cream. His nose is blue and haves a red puff at the bottom of his tail. He also looks like he haves clown lip stick on.


Sundae is very rude in most of the times. Everything he says he complains or makes fun of someone. He is a type of person who expects the worst. He never haves faith into anything or what the problem is. Always thinking that the worst will happen at any given time or moment, but he always ends up coming through for Ronald and his friends when they get themselves into a big pickles!

He never really got along with Hamburglar. Many reasons, due to the fact Sundae thinks Hamburglar’s voice is rather annoying or what he does (Steals hamburgers). Sundae also gave Hamburglar two nick names. He gave them these names (Visitors From Outer Space). The names are Bun-Head and Hammy.

Sundae loves it when everyone pays atten to him. Or does what he likes or wants. He’s not like most characters in Ronald McDonald. He can be tending a bet bossy to others. Even though he is this way. There’s sometimes were he can be a little nice. Sundae also shares something in common with his master... a full head of bright red hair!

Fun Facts

  • He was in a commercial at year 2000 as a normal looking dog.
  • He got excited when Hamburgalr was going to space for 3,000 years. (But 3 days in human)